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MSR Standard Footpegs MSR Standard Footpegs KTMXCRider - Warren, OH, USA Decent Peg "Good solid set of pegs. I purchased these for the 1/2" offset because Im tall and I want it to be easier to transition from sitting to standing. The base is wide and the arch is nice. My biggest complaint is they aren't very sharp and my feet slip of the pegs easily after my boots gets muddy or wet. They need to be sharpened!"
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Spider Grips Peak Grips Spider Grips Peak Grips Veloc - PDX These are the only grips I race with "They're a bit thicker than some people prefer, but for my money they're exactly what I'm looking for. There are no bar weights in the clip-ons on my race bikes, so vibration over the course of a race can turn your palms to jelly. The slightly-thicker silicone in these grips absorbs most of that hand-numbing sensation that comes from being at redline for extended periods. On top of that, the surface is very high-friction, meaning it takes less grip pressure to hold steady throttle, easing arm-pump. Light finger touch is all you need to hold everything smooth and steady. These are all I use. They are the best."
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