Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders

Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders
Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders


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Item #MOP0030

Motion Pro is dedicated to producing the most versatile, unique and durable products for professional and home use. Motion Pro tools are designed to be simple to use, yet durable enough to withstand the harshest conditions. One of their goals is to offer tools of convenience. Do it right the first time with Motion Pro Tools.

  • New ultra-compact, low-profile design is only 11 mm high installed.
  • Stainless steel body is stronger and will not corrode.
  • Easy to install, simply replace the O.E. bleeder screw with the Micro Bleeder.
  • Reduces harshness caused by air build-up.
  • Allows bleeding of air pressure without tools.
  • One of the easiest bolt-on upgrades you can make to your forks.
  • Kit includes two bleeder valves.

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61 Reviews
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Verified Purchaser
Salem, OR, USA
2016 KTM 250SX

Good product but you need a big flathead screw driver to tighten properly.

Verified Purchaser
Solid could be better

The head of these fits a very wide flat-head screwdriver so you have to have direct access from above to install them and it is hard to get a firm grip in them. I bought some from another company that has a hex on the top and was able to install them with a small wrench without having to move anything. These do work as intended and are a good price. I just like the other ones better.

Easy and effective

These Fork Bleeders are easy to install,looks great and most importantly it does his job well....

Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders
Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders
Verified Purchaser
Hawaii, USA
No Hassle!

Stock fork bleeder screws for my 250xc were lame, was always afraid of losing one once I took them out. Not anymore!

Verified Purchaser

Bleeds air out of forks but leaks oil .
Not the quality product I expected from motion pro

Top 500 Contributor Top 250 Contributor
Baltimore, MD, USA

This is a ecentual part for relieving air that builds up your forks. Every one should have a set. They work great.

Sioux Falls, SD

The title says it all. After a day of riding the bottom where the bleeders threads in to the top of the fork has a oil residue all around it, which collects dust and dirt. I tried tightening but will eventually strip the threads trying to get a tight seal. The product does work as designed letting fork build up escape witht the push of a button.

Worst bleeders...Ever!

You can install these one time only. If you take them out for any fork maintenance the soft aluminum top peels of with each twist of your screw driver. This has happened to me and my buddy who has the same ones. Go with some that are heavier duty or require a wrench for install.

Top 1000 Contributor
Marysville, WA, USA
Air Bleeders

I struggled with these bleeders, as I bought them since they were so short. I was concerned about the taller bleeders breaking off. I found after a short amount of time that these started leaking, as fork oil started coming through them.

Verified Purchaser
Little Valley, NY 14755, USA
Fork Bleeders

I installed these when I serviced my forks last week. They installed easily and seem to work just fine. I haven't been able to get out and ride yet, but I'm sure these will do exactly what they're supposed to do.

Verified Purchaser
Great Product

Low profile, easy to instal, works great

Verified Purchaser
Charlotte NC
Wonder why bikes don't come with these

I like this model of bleeder better than the kind with the hex head - smaller and lower profile. The hex head bleeders seem to develop leaks over time and look more prone to breaking off, although I've never had it happen.

A great innovation - psst, psst, and you're done!

Verified Purchaser
Lake Charles, LA, USA
Fork bleeders for my 2006 yz450f

I had to change my fork seals and thought why not try this cheap way of bleeding my air out of my forks to save time and headache from using a flat head to bleed the air. I installed these things and rode on the track one time and they are coming in very handy. Bleeding the air after I tie it up on my trailer and after riding the track is very easy. These things work awesome,well worth the money.

Verified Purchaser
Columbus, OH, USA
Micro for sure

I was worried that these wouldn't fit my fork caps due to the center bolt configuration and not perimeter bolt. When I opened the box and got one look at them I knew they would. They're very small and look great.

Verified Purchaser
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Good product

Simple installation.
Saves fork seals.
Solid product.

Swartz Creek, MI, USA
They leak After a while!!

These worked great when I got them and installed them. Makes bleeding forks so quick and simple and you don't have to worry about stripping out those dumb flat head screws in the top of your forks. The problem I am having after a few months they are leaking after they got broke in, so I am going back to traditional fork bleeder Screws!

Top 1000 Contributor
Oklahoma, USA
Best fork bleeders

I bleed the air out of the bikes forks after every 30 min on the track, or after every moto. Put the bike on the stand and push the buttons on the bleeders. No more screw driver or little screws to drop in the dirt. I like the smaller micro bleeders verses the standard size bleeders. They can still get hit and broken off, but the smaller size reduces some of the risk of them getting snapped off in a crash.

Humboldt, CA, USA
Simply awesome

Very good product, its amazing how such a simple thing can make a huge difference on the quality of your ride. If your forks get harsh from air build up just push the button and its back to plush. These are a must have for everyone

Verified Purchaser
Fork bleeders

These fork bleeders are perfect size and work very well. The only problem I had is that I did not have a flat head screwdriver big enough to install! The price was good too!! All in all a great product!

Top 500 Contributor Top 1000 Contributor Verified Purchaser
Ridgecrest, CA, USA
Best on the Market

These fork bleeders are the best on the market. Other brands are large and bulky, making tthem easier to brake off!

These are very small and stay out of the way, and hide nicely behind the bars.

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