Michelin Power Supersport Front Tire

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Michelin Power Supersport Front Tire
Michelin Power Supersport Front Tire
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The Power Super Sport tire from Michelin is an all new dual-compound track day tire from Michelin and represents the newest generation of Michelin rubber compounds.

  • All-new compounds on front and rear enhance dry grip.
    • Newest generation of Michelin rubber compounds.
    • 7.5% grooved tread ratio.
  • 2CT+ Technology on the rear for added stability and handling at full lean.
    • New 2CT+ compound extends the harder compound underneath the softer shoulder compound for added cornering stability - especially when accelerating out of turns.
  • Benchmark for longevity versus competing tires.
    • Rubber compounds were developed in World Endurance Championship racing, where durability and grip are equally important.
  • Adaptable pressure for maximizing track conditions.
    • 30 PSI front and 27 PSI rear are recommended for track use.

Michelin 2CT Two Compound Technology - Michelin 2CT dual-compound technology successfully accomplishes two conflicting ideals: wear resistance in the center of the tread, and grip on the shoulders. The rubber compound in the center is harder to withstand aggressive acceleration and braking. The rubber compound in the shoulder is softer to maximize grip on the lean angle.

Michelin 2CT+ - The NEW 2CT generation; Harder rubber underneath the softer rubber on the shoulders gives better rigidity at lean, for more stability when cornering, especially under strong acceleration.

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