Maxxis iRAZR Rear Tire

Maxxis iRAZR Rear Tire
Maxxis iRAZR Rear Tire

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Please note: Tire sizes vary by ride, please check your current tire and wheel sizes before placing the order. If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 1-888-676-8853.

Tire Features:

  • Radical construction increases ride comfort and traction.
  • Tread design provides for responsive steering and predictable braking characteristics.
  • 6-ply for high puncture resistance.

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15 Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars
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indiana, pa
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Tons 'O' traction!!

If you are lacking traction these will do it! they are a little bigger than most 20" tires. I still manage to put holes in the sidewall while racing. but havent found a tire yet that can hold up. have these on a ktm450xc and the front end will not stay on the ground with these, even on wet shale hills!!

Cadillac, MI
Best tiers ever!!!

These tiers are awesome in any condition! No matter what type of riding you do these tiers hook up in anything. I've had them on my quad for a year now and they have worn barely at all. I do a lot of trail riding and i have never had a problem with getting traction if its in snow, mud, or sand.

west unity, ohio
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Great tires

bought these to ride the hatfield mccoy trails in w. virginia and was very impressed with how the hooked up on the hard packed trails and how they held up against the rocks.

Parkersburg, WV
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Only tire ive had and not gotten a flat

I race pro am and have run the following tires in races. From ITP: GNCC, xcr03, holeshot
Dunlop Kseries
Maxxis razr and iRazr
These iRazr's are the only thing ive raced that havent gone flat ever. I started halfway through last season running these and haven't punctured any of them
I dont not run tire balls or any other form of tire ball

These have great traction in the sloppy mud and clean very well, they do just as good in the dry as any other tire ive tried with the exception of the xcr, but the xcr was also the easiest to puncture in my experience.
The downside that comes to mind with these is that they are incredibly thick near the bead. makes it difficult to bolt my beadrings on but its not real bad.

Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Best tire ever

Best investment Ive ever made for my quad, these tires not only look unbelievable, but they are extremely strong. The hook up is rediculous. theyre great in all conditions..

Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
OLy c r a p the grip is amazing

I live in the mountains of N.C and these dominate all other tires i ever had on my z400 The grip really is amazing. and the pictures of the tires dont do any justice. the tred sheds mud like a champ,smooth ride amazing in the woods. buy these tires

Top 250 Contributor
butler, PA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Great buy!!

i was more than pleased with the traction i sot with theese tires! the handeling is so perfect. i couldnt ask for more. onlt one plug wich ic great compared 2 my dunlops last year wich were coverd in plugs & never held air. train tracks are the worst & i ride em alot. i have been rideing these tires for a year now. the wear could have been better ,but i complain of that with every tire! once they wear down traction is def compermised, but still better than stock. i need to replace them & will probally get em again. if i dont its only because i kinda want to try the bill balance razr

Maxxis iRAZR Rear Tire
Chesapeake, Va.
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Nothing better

I've had these tires on my 125hp, 535cc Cheetah Banshee for over a year now. I've been through all kinds of terrain with them, and they've never let me down. No punctures, no cuts, no flats. These tires have seen hard dirt, gravel roads, packed sand, asphalt, loose soil, mud, and here recently, coal hills. Absolutely the best all-around performing tire out there.

Maxxis iRAZR Rear Tire
Southern Oregon
Crazy hookup!

After reading some reviews, I bought these tires to replace the worn stock tires on my TRX450R and they're simply amazing! In the dunes, I can go everywhere with them. I've actually stopped using my sandstars on the back and just run the front sandstars for steering bite. These tires led me to multiple holeshots at Dunefest and Sandfest and have never let me down. The beefy sidewall lugs will bite when you start to dig down, and help throw massive roosts too. They seem to wear a bit quick on hardpack and rocky surfaces, but thats probably due to the load on them from my built motor (50whp on dyno).

Maxxis iRAZR Rear Tire
Vancouver, WA
Best for the northwest

i live near jones creek, near camas, WA. i used to thnk the ITP holeshots were the best. i got stuck once at jones, it was about a foot deep. so i went home and researched tires. i found the razr 2s and loved them. i rode them on my 450r and got some irazrs for my 400ex. my 400 will WASTE the 450 at jones creek cause of the bite in the mud, dirt, clay, sand and rocks. its 6 ply so its perfect for rocks. dont read this and then go get the razr 2 if you are riding in the northwest. the irazrs are the only choice. way better then the ITPs and dominates all stock tires. GET THESE!!!!!!

columbia, sc
Unbelievable Traction

Have buddys with razor & razor II. They are good tires but this one gets crazy grip in the wet and dry yet still slides sideways. The wear life is unbelievable, been on 9 month & just reversed the rear. If youre a woods rider and see wet conditions, this is the tire for you period. Don't take my word for it, google atv tire test and read for yourself. I researched and it was the reason why I bought them. Lived up to every word. Worth every penny.

Wilkes-Barre , Pa

So far the best tires ive owned , better than the regular razr's by far..every surface they hook up on and you rip out of corners with the knarly sidewall knobs

Maxxis iRAZR Rear Tire
Top 500 Contributor
Best buy

These are the best tires i have ever owned. the hook up on every type of surface. wet, dry, snow, and sometimes on ice. These tires last a good while and they get traction until there is not tread left. I would recomend these tires to all my friends.

Firebuagh, CA
Solid Buy

Predator on IRazr's
Greatest Tires Ever

These tires are great on hard compact soil, loose terrian and even smooth on the road. They have excellent traction no matter what situation your in! Also, they are over all one of the best tires I've ever owned!

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7 Questions
Answered:   7
Not Yet:   0
Q: Do they come in a pair or separate?
2 years 11 months ago
MotoSport Staff
2 years 11 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: These tires are sold individually.
Location: rochester, ny
Q: Have 2005 Polaris Predator 500 Orange Troy Lee Edition and I'm replacing the stock tires. These tires allow the rider to kick back end out with ease?
Over 6 years ago
I have a 05 predator 500 and i'm replacing the stock tires soon. I think the stock tires are i-razr's but im not sure because they don't look like these i-razr's for sale right here. I LOVE the fact that the stock tires allowed me to kick the back of the bike to the side WHENEVER i wanted while still hooking up perfectly on exceleration and I was wondering if these tires will do exactly the same for me??? Thanks!
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 6 years ago Location: Portland
A: These are great tires for predictable sliding. Most of the Razr tires are going to have the same characteristics, but these also have wider spaced lugs for loose, muddy terrain.
Q: If your front tires are radials then should you buy radials for the rear like on cars or does it matter?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: The biggest benefit from running radial tires is a smoother ride. Having matching front and rear tires will give you the best ride possible.
Q: Is it better to have the same size tires or the front bigger than the rear?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: P+RTLAND
A: It's really personally preference. Normally the fronts are taller but narrower, and the rears are normally shorter and wider. So it really comes down to your own choice.
Top 1000 Contributor
Location: new york city
Q: Are these good for trails or track, or both?
Over 7 years ago
i got a 2006 kfx400 and i was wondering if these are good for trails or tracks?.will these fit the stock rims?
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: The iRazrs I would say are a little more of a trail tire than a track tire. As far as fitting, you would need to verify whats on your bike right now to ensure you order the right size.
Q: I want the irazor but what size is good for an 2007 trx 250ex i want big in front in small in back?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: The biggest you can go on the front would be 22/7/10 and then a 20/11/9 on the rear. The iRazrs come in limited sizing but you can run a 18/10/8 on the rear in a different series of the razrs, but keep in mind it depends on what size rims you are running so make sure you double check the sizing before you purchase them.
Q: Does it come with both rear tires or only one side?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: Tires are sold individually, so quantity 1 means you will receive 1 tire, if you are looking for a set quantity needs to be 2. The tires also don't include the rims, so if you need a set of wheels and tires use the tire "configurator" to set a combo up.
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