Green Light Trigger

Green Light Trigger
Green Light Trigger


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Description Item #GLG0001

Never get stuck at a red light again!

The Green Light Trigger turns red lights green, guaranteed. Affects magnetic sensors in the road to trigger the light cycle and make your red light green!

  • Simple, safe, legal, and effective.
  • Attaches easily to your motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, or bicycle.
  • Installs in seconds with no wiring.
  • Thousands in use all over the U.S. and overseas.
  • Unconditionally guaranteed.
  • The High Power version of The Green Light Trigger is 15% more effective.

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5 Reviews
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Noticed a difference right away while going though intersections I usually try to avoid cause I would never get a turn signal, well worth the money!



Save Your Money!

Not worth my time to ship back, still on the bike doing what it's good at.........nothing.

Whidbey Island WA
Green Light Trigger

IT DOES work, if there is the loop or square in the road at the intersection and your in it most near to the edge of the circle or square on the pavement, it does sense your there and gives you a turn. I know this for a fact, as I used to sit forever at lights without it.

Nashville, Tn
Maybe Elsewhere

I read the answer to the question of if this works. That led me to buying after one too many stops from the law for left turn on red...Maybe in other parts of the country the road sensors trigger differently but in Tennessee and on a CBR 600F4i it does nothing. Tested it out in many areas with no traffic around and it triggered no lights. I even moved the bike to multiple positions in the magnetic pickup on the road to no help. My best advice is keep looking.

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3 Questions
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Location: india
Q: Do this really works?...and how and is it legal?
2 years 11 months ago
MotoSport Staff
2 years 11 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: These do work for "demand-actuated" traffic signals that may not sense that a motorcycle is there. These lights have in ground sensors that detect electromagnetic field disruption to determine when a vehicle is present. This item will not change lights to make them turn green faster. They will only allow lights to sense you are there. These are designed for problematic lights that you repeatedly get skipped at while waiting and use the in ground sensors.
Q: This looks like the that correct? If so, is this the standard or the HP (high power) version?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: This is the same product and it's the high power model.
Q: Does this product actually work and if so,how?
Over 8 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 8 years ago
A: I have one on my bike and, yes, they do work. It is a magnet that makes the sensors in the roadway believe you are bigger. It's about 1" x2" and mounts on the bottom of your bike.
Over 7 years ago Location: Iraq (U.S. Army)
A: I'm not sure about the magnet answer... I know that there are magnetic road strips at some lights. While the magnet strips are designed to be affected by a four wheeled vehicle, a 300lb + motorcycle is still quite capable of setting it off...

These devices are actually designed to duplicate the Infra-Red signal put off by emergency vehicles when they have their red and blues on. The IR (Infra-Red) Signature is picked up by a sensor mounted to the stop light, which then sends a signal to the light to turn green and let the Cops/ Ambulance/ Fire Truck through without getting held up in traffic... The reason it might not work in Tennessee is that most stop lights in rural areas still are not equipped with this IR Sensor... The place where this would be most effective is in large cities and busy urban throughways...

Hope this is helpful...
2 years 9 months ago Location: Hughson, CA 95326, USA
A: Th Units Have To Be Placed At A Specific Distance From The Ground To The Unit. The Best Place Would Be Just Under Where The Exhaust Bends Towards The Back Of The Bike.
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