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Artrax CTX Tire Artrax CTX Tire Bird - West Central, LA, USA good value and performance "Upgrading from stock grip to next level...exceeds expectation...strong construction.quickly spins out clean ....so far stobs, briars and thorns no puncture problem on 600+ 200 lb weight...reasonable ride at speed...maybe next upgrade to radial + size up...looks like it will be awhile off tho.."
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Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S21 Tire Combo Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S21 Tire Combo ZeBlutwurst - Cali Central Coast S21-decent tire for the money "Several of my friends were running these while a few of us ran Q3's. I decided to give them a try as they are a bit less expensive than the Q3's, and my buddies were getting decent mileage. Overall, they are not a bad tire. Initially they were scary as the turn in grip was suspect but after they wore in, they were comparable to the Q3's, but never quite as confidence inspiring as the Q3's. At full lean after they are broken in they are stable, but you can feel that they are harder than the Q3's, which explains the extended life over the Q3's. I got about 1700 miles out my first set of S21's and I have another set in the garage ready to go. However, given the opportunity to swap out the new S21's I have for a new set of Q3's I would go that route for one large reason: When the S21's go, meaning that when they are done, out of grip, kaput, finished, worn out you get ZERO warning. Your tires are just all of a sudden history. This is not the case with the Q3's. When Q3's go, there is a gradual decrease in grip that you can feel. When the S21's go, they go nearly instantly, which can lead to mid-corner chaos.... If I run the other set I have, I will do so in summer, and only run them 1500 miles. I ran my current set throughout December and January on California's Central coast where I live. Roads here can get a little dirty and the temp drops to the high 20's/low 30's in the early morning for much of that time, so we ride starting about 11:00 am each weekend. Ambient temp is usually in the high 40's to 50's at that time. Not freezing, but not smoking hot either. Currently testing out a set of Pilot Power 3's and so far think I should just stick with the Q3's. Tires differ greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, so while some people love the S21's, I prefer Q3's. It just depends on your style, how you like your feedback/input from the tires, suspension settings, etc. Bottom line: They are decent tires but be mindful when they get to the 1500 mile mark if you ride really hard. I pushed these to the absolute edge of the tire and the edge of traction. Better for warmer weather than colder weather. Just for total disclosure so you can get the most from this review, I ride an 09 R1 with 08 forks running Ohlins 25mm cartridges (08's had stiffer outer tubes) and an Ohlins TTX GP shock. I weigh 285 with my gear."
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