Dynojet Power Commander O2 Optimizer

Dynojet Power Commander O2 Optimizer
Dynojet Power Commander O2 Optimizer

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Item #DNO000W

The system is designed to read the oxygen sensor under certain conditions and temporarily change the air / fuel ratio.

  • Optional high-performance oxygen sensor optimizer for easier adjustments through the Dynojet control center software.
  • Use with the Power Commander III USB or Power Commander III USB EX.
  • Note: With some motorcycles you have to disconnect the O2 sensor cable so that the engine electronics accept the revised values from Power Commander III USB and the performance can be increased.

The O.E.M. closed loop circuit has a very limited operating range, which is only in effect while holding a steady speed at certain RPM's and throttle positions. In this limited area, the stock system (with or without the Power Commander) will gradually and temporarily lean out the air fuel ratio in an attempt to achieve an air / fuel ratio of 14.7:1 (stochiometric). The oxygen sensors can be disconnected but this will trip the F.I. dash warning light.

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Location: Springfield, MA, USA
Q: Do I need an O2 Optimizer?
2 years 9 months ago
My 2006 Roadliner is equipped with a big air kit and a Power Commander 3 USB using a custom map that specifies the O2 sensor be disconnected. Will the Optimizer do anything for me? Thanks for the help.
MotoSport Staff
2 years 9 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: After speaking with Power Commander regarding this, they claim that the "Race Ready" models of the PC3 and the PC5 actually include the O2 optimizer. If the stock O2 sensor is active, it would override any fuel changes made by the Power Commander in the closed loop engine range, and basically make the fueling as it would be stock in that range. The optimizer disables the stock O2 sensor, so that the Power Commander can tune the fuel curve across all RPMs and throttle positions. If your map claims it needs the O2 sensor disconnected, then they have modified the fuel mapping in the closed loop section and if you do not have the optimizer, it would benefit your application as the changes they have made will not be applied in certain sections of the map without the optimizer.
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