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Yamaha Dirt Bike Lights & Electrical

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GYTR Competition ECU Kit GYTR Competition ECU Kit MotoEnthusiast - Denver, CO 5 out of 5 stars For the love man, get this for your WR! "Unless you like having a 450 that runs like a 250 there is no reason not to get this ECU for your bike. Grab the power tuner while you're at it or at least find a friend that has one. Install was very easy for the ECU, getting to the throttle screw involved removing the exhaust system to get to it, but really no big deal. It has made my bike insane and it starts more easily as well!"
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GET C1 Hour Meter GET C1 Hour Meter Clark58 - New Wilmington 5 out of 5 stars GET Hour Meter "Great product and very durable. Mounted in minutes. No wires to deal with. Has holes for safety wire also. GET makes great products."
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