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Thor 2017 Static Knee Guards Thor 2017 Static Knee Guards DanP - De Soto, MO 63020, USA I love mine! "I don't even notice them. Only bad thing I can say is, if you have big calf muscles. They are pretty small in that area. Work great for me. I'm 5'-8" or 9", 158lbs"
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EVS SX02 Knee Brace EVS SX02 Knee Brace WhyZ - Good brace "I've worn these for two mx races now. They started off a little stiff, but the second weekend I took them out I forgot that I even had them on. It was almost a surprise as I was packing up for the race that I had to take them off. I do get some minor rub/pinching on the back of my knee, but it's hardly noticeable during the race. Fit is pretty spot on. My only concern are the metal braces on the sides. It's two bars that go from lower thigh to upper calf on the inside and outside of the knee. They don't seem like they are as supportive as they could be, but I also haven't had that wonderful opportunity going down and really testing how they would perform in a bad situation. Overall good protection and I will never ride without them. I bought two and I'd recommend you do the same."
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