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Klim 2016 Tactical Shorts Klim 2016 Tactical Shorts CavemanBob173333333333333 - San Rafael, CA, USA Fantastic Product "If your looking for a high quality under garment that allows you to ride all day long in comfort with heavy duty protective padding in all the right places look no futher, Klimm outdid themselves on this , & the research they obviously put into this will keep you smiling"
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EVS Tug Padded Riding Shorts EVS Tug Padded Riding Shorts trialsrider - Colorado Springs, CO, USA Good with one downside "These fit pretty well and are comfortable. However, the padding is located a bit too far forward and it doesn't cover the greater trochanter of the femur (that boney bump on the side of your hip). That's a likely spot to get injured when falling on your side. It's too bad the padding doesn't cover that spot."
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