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Twin Air The System Twin Air The System Shaun - Lake Ariel, PA Greatest Customer Support @ MotoSport "Bought this Twin Air System and one of the buckets were cracked. I didn't realize this till after I poured the oil in and it started leaking all over my back deck. It was such a small hairline crack, that's, why i never saw it. Called MotoSport and they sent me out a new replacement out the same night. Kudos to MotoSport. And yes I love how easy it is to oil my filters. Twin Air build a very simple kit, but works flawlessly."
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Twin Air Pre-Oiled Air Filter Twin Air Pre-Oiled Air Filter Rhys - Scotland Best air filter on the market "These air filters come pre oiled and are easy to put on the bike, durable aswell. Best by far :)"
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