Thor Dirt Bike Chest & Back

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Thor 2017 Guardian Chest Protector Thor 2017 Guardian Chest Protector Thing3 - New England, usa Great product! "Shoulder protection was a must and for the price point, Thor gives me exactly what I need. I am 5'8" with an athletic 200lb build and the fit is very comfortable and natural; I forget I have it on."
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Thor Sentry XP Guard Thor Sentry XP Guard BikemanCody - Walland TN Nice protection. "To really test this body armor out, I put it all on and literally threw myself on the ground a few times and rolled up against a stone wall and I am overly impressed the level of protection and low-profile designed. One thing I did notice is I will have to run a one size larger Jersey. I've always worn over the Jersey protection so this was a little bit of a surprise. Protection in all the right areas that I was looking for."
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