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Thor 2016 Ratchet Boots Thor 2016 Ratchet Boots MegaRider - Kennewick, WA, USA 4 out of 5 stars RATCHET BOOT - Size 15 Great System "My shoe size is a 14D. These boots are a bit on the tight side in the ankle area. The strap over the foot is a bit on the short side. Apparently the strap on the small boot is the same on the largest. I did request from Thor a longer bottom strap. I can barely engage the bottom ratchet. If Thor made the straps longer the user could trim them to length"
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Thor 2016 Ratchet Boots Thor 2016 Ratchet Boots Dominique - Mississippi 5 out of 5 stars Really great, best product for a first time boot "These were the first boots I've bought, and they're great. When I first got them, I was a bit worried because they were so stiff that I might not be able to shift, but after a few days of walking around the house in them they fit just fine. Just listen, if you're new to riding a ATV, Dirtbike, street bike, or whatever....get these boots, they are really good for first time riders. They adjust really easy to where you can even where two pairs of socks. They are comfortable, durable, and have a great appearance. I'd recommend these to anyone. Forget 5 stars, I'd give em' 10 stars!!!"
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