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FMF 2-Stroke Silencer Packing FMF 2-Stroke Silencer Packing 520catman - Arizona, USA excellent packing for doing a 2-stroke silencer. "Use this packing whenever i repack my 2-stroke silencer. Very good durability and lasts very good."
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FMF Megabomb Header - Stainless Steel FMF Megabomb Header - Stainless Steel ArizonaRider - Phoenix, AZ, USA 2013 KX 250 F Megabomb "Decided to add the Megabomb header to my previously installed FMF silencer. Very light weight but not as solid as the OEM header. Installation was simple however joining to the FMF midpipe/silencer was difficult. Even with high temp grease, difficult to join together. I have never had this problem with FMF before. Likely just a "one-off" thing. I have already purchased a carbon heat shield to place over the header - you will burn your boots/pants if you are not careful. Unable to detect a power increase but slightly more responsive throttle. The biggest change occurred when I installed the FMF silencer 6 months ago. It will give your bike that factory look."
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