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Fastway System 3 Steering Stabilizer Under-Bar Kit Fastway System 3 Steering Stabilizer Under-Bar Kit JoshMundy - Richland WA Very Clean "Install on my WR450 went very easy and all parts fit great. I have only ridden with it once so I cannot speak for longevity or durability, but you can definitely feel it work. I am starting to get it dialed in and it works wonderfully. You get into a turn and dont have to worry about rocks or cross ruts, that front just holds itself in line perfectly. Very happy with my purchase"
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Streamline Billetanium Steering Stabilizer Streamline Billetanium Steering Stabilizer HDaustinservice - Raptor 660 Streamline Steering Stabilizer "I have had this stabilizer on the quad for about a month now, set in in the middle of the setting from the install point rode for a few miles may a 2 click adjustment, so that it is now out to the 6th point and it works just fine. I did note less stars in places due to the over performance, a few more points would make this a better part. The install is not the all that simple, and we had to do a front end alignment to make it work out right. As long as you have the time and the know how it is a somewhat easy install."
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