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SDG Complete Seat Assembly - Tall SDG Complete Seat Assembly - Tall TWrecks - NW Arizona 4 out of 5 stars Another way to a taller seat "I had put a SDG tall seat on my Honda 4 stroke about 8 Years ago and really liked what it did for how the bike felt when seated. So when I got my KTM 2Stroke, on which I also wanted a taller than stock seat, I ordered the SDG tall seat for that model of bike too. Like the previous SDG tall seat for my other bike, it was about an inch taller. The foam is firm, but certainly not hard or uncomfortable, and it lasts in that it doesn't break down and get too soft even after over 100 hours of use. Likewise the cover is very durable, and has a good amount of texture to offer sufficient grip so you don't slide on it when you don't want or need to. The seat base is made from a good plastic that holds up well and fits without any unwanted drama or problems. The fit of the SDG seat on the KTM is not quite as good as the OEM seat base in that there is a small (<1/2") gap at both ends that is not there with the stock seat. However, unless you are really critical (like me) you'll most likely not even notice it. The only real issue I've had, is that the shape of the SDG tall seat doesn't flow like that of the stock seat. At the transition of the sides meeting the top, there is somewhat of an edge, whereas it is much softer and more rounded on the stock seat. And the thickness of the foam at both ends of the seat is a bit thicker also, almost to the point of being somewhat 'blocky' looking. While it doesn't effect the function of the seat, as it works quite fine as received, I still took off the cover and shaped both ends thinner to flow better with the bike, and then rounded both of the sides. After putting the cover back on, the modified/reshaped seat looked much more like the stock one. Practically to the point that it now looks as if it came from the factory, only with a bit taller seat. Overall, the SDG tall seat is a quality product that works and holds up well. Whether the shape difference matters to you like it did to me is your call. But if you want or need a taller seat, SDG offers a good product that gets the job done, and will serve you well."
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SDG Complete Seat Assembly SDG Complete Seat Assembly servoss21 - 5 out of 5 stars SDG Complete Seat Assembly "I own a 2004 CR250r and this seat works great! Good grip and quality of the material."
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