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Excel Rear Rim Excel Rear Rim Fmforchestra - New England Rugged "Replaced my stock D.i.D rim. Pretty rugged, I haven't had a bad excel rim yet"
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Spoke Skins Colored Spoke Covers Spoke Skins Colored Spoke Covers English - Holly Springs, NC, USA really cool kit "i got it a day and a half after i ordered it and i only paid for 3-day shipping ;) it took a little skill to line up the cuts with the wheel hubs and make sure it was a correct fit, they do come with a few extra ones just in case u mess up a cut or something. In the end my bike looks sick and one last note; Flo Red wasn't really red but idc, if you want red choose red lol"
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Dirt Bike Rims and Spokes

If you've broken a dirt bike rim, or you're looking to ride a bit more aggressively and need a stronger wheel, or perhaps you need to lace up a new wheel, then check out our vast collection of dirt bike rims and spokes. We sell rims and spokes individually as well as in combos to make it easier based on your needs.

We have more than 100 selections from 11 of the best known brands in the motocross industry. In addition to dirt bike rims, we also stock valve caps and rim locks so whatever you need to get rolling you can find it here at MotoSport. Check out the categories:

  • Rim and Spoke Combos
  • Rim Locks
  • Rims
  • Spoke Kits
  • Valve Caps

Once you've decided on the right dirt bike rims and spokes for your ride, we make it easy to find the correct fit. Select your ride by make, model and year and you're ready to go. If you'd prefer to talk to a fellow rider who can help you make a choice call 888-676-8853 or chat with an expert.

We also carry dirt bike tires so if you need a new set to go with your new rims check out our entire selection or see our Dirt Bike Tire Buying Guide.

MotoSport is the best place to find dirt bike rims and spokes. We have a 90-day return policy. We also offer fast 3-day express shipping on most orders.