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Bell MX-9 Helmet - Pro Circuit Replica Bell MX-9 Helmet - Pro Circuit Replica MXmom - Galesburg, IL Great Helmet "I bought this for my 11 year old son and he loves it. He said it is very comfortable and he really likes the matte finish and the graphics."
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Klim 2016 Dakar Pants Klim 2016 Dakar Pants MtnRide - Leadville, CO Klim Dakar OTB: Tough, functional "After putting in a solid day on my new Klim Dakar OTB, here's what I've noticed. First impression out of the plastic were impressive. These pants are made of several heavy fabrics and screamed durability and craftsmanship. At that retail price, Though, that's what I was expect ion. They felt a touch bulky while trying on, but as I later found out, are actually snug around the boots and pads. The sizing, for me, felt a touch small. My 34's were tightish, but I'm gonna chalk that up to me maybe *gasp* having put on a few extra #'s. The weight and bulk, while instilling a sense off durability, had me worried about mid ride comfort. This, however was not a problem. I never felt hindered or bulked down once. I ride technical, high speed single track with loads of elevation gain and drop. Very Rocky Mountain type riding. The pants moved well, to put it plainly. The items I put in several of the many pockets (I forgot how awesome having pockets could be!) didn't hinder movement in any way. At the end of the day, My only issue was removing boots. The pants were a bit tough to pull up past the top of my boots. I think that's a non issue if you loosen the lower leg straps beforehand, tho. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the Klim Dakar OTB pants. They're worth the extra cost."
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Dirt Bike Gear at MotoSport

We think dirt bike riding is the best hobby you can invest in. It's adventurous, at times exhilarating, and overall it's just plain fun. But getting some seat time on a dirt bike involves more than simply buying a bike at a local dealer and taking it out on back country roads the following weekend.

Dirt bike riding gear is essential must-have pieces of equipment that not only contribute to safety and security on two wheels but it's also a part of the overall riding experience. Remember, you're riding on loose dirt, gravel, sand and water, among other hazards. You need a helmet, jersey, boots and gloves to start. Ride long enough and eventually a situation will arise when your layer of protection minimizes the level of injury. If you're riding on today's hottest dirt bikes - be it in the sand, on the track, or fighting mosquitoes on the trails - we've got the dirt bike and motocross gear you'll need to stay safe.

MotoSport carries a full line of dirt bike gear for men, women and kids. You may be new to the sport and looking for all the motocross gear needed to get riding or perhaps it's time to retire the well used dirt bike gear you bought five years ago. Maybe your little ones have outgrown the old helmet and jersey they've been using for the past year (or hand-me-downs just won't cut it anymore) and it's high time to update their dirt bike gear bag.

Once a comfort level is reached the addition of dirt bike accessories adds to your overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the bike. If dirt bike riding becomes a weekly passion you'll find the need for several sets of motocross riding gear to address various weather conditions. Sometimes the best product is found through trial and error and other times by recommendation. MotoSport is here to help you take the guess work out of finding the right product for your riding needs.

MotoSport's extensive collection of dirt bike gear gives you the knowledge needed to make an informed purchase. We are "The Guys That Ride" so we can help you narrow your scope based on needs. The most expensive boots do not always equate to the best and one helmet may have features that better suit where and how you ride. Dirt bike riders require different gear than sport bike riders and so on. You may live in a part of the country where it's primarily trails in the woods or in an area where it's mostly sandy dunes.

We are here to help!

Wherever your next adventure takes you - find the dirt bike gear you love and express yourself on the track or trail. We'll be there to share your journey!

MotoSport gives you one of the largest dirt bike riding gear selections on the web. We have different styles and selections from a number of the best companies in the business. Get geared up and make any day a day to ride.

Here are even more reasons to shop for dirt bike gear on MotoSport:

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