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Renthal Twin Ring Rear Sprocket Renthal Twin Ring Rear Sprocket Rowdy - Looks Good!! "Looks only question will be durability since it's not steel."
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Renthal Front Sprocket Renthal Front Sprocket Ktmripper - Florida easy to install... If you have the proper tool "This front sprocket is a great product, very durable if you also renew your chain. Replacing your front sprocket with a bad chain will rapidly increase wear and your sprocket will not last nearly as long as if you replace your chain, this also goes hand in hand with the rear. That is why it is recommend to replace all at once. Also, I highly recommend that you buy the tool for it if the bike is a Kawasaki mini or a ktm mini. These bikes all have the clip, which if you do not have the tool to pull it off can be the biggest pain to do. Overall it is a great long lasting sprocket, but just make sure you have the tool."
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