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Renthal Chain & Sprocket Kit Renthal Chain & Sprocket Kit KRUSHER - Oregon, USA Renthal is the way to go "Ive used Renthal sprockets for a long time now and my last two chains I also went with Renthal and they are awesome products. I just went with the Renthal R1 gold race chain and I'm hoping I will love it as much as the o ring chains. I went with a non o ring because I am more crazy about my bike than anyone I've met when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. I wash my bike after every single ride and that wash always includes using my chain brush and cleaning the chain and sprockets then oiling them. I figured with that maintenance the chain will last just as long as my others. My ONLY COMPLAINT AND IT'S A BIG ONE, why can't I get a red sprocket for my yamaha!!!??? Sheez what the red is only for Honda? News flash lots of yamaha are white and red like mine and a red sprocket would look sick on blue plastics anyway. The blue sprocket is ugly. Get with it Renthal. Lol ok that's my rant. Great products from Renthal!"
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Renthal Twin Ring Sprocket Kit Renthal Twin Ring Sprocket Kit Terry - "Sprocket and chain set looks great, fits great, and was super easy to order. Motosport was fast with their shipping as always!! Only ridden once since the install so I can't speak to the durability yet, but it's much beefier than my old sprocket and chain so I don't see that being an issue!!"
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