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Full Bore M-40 Adventure Sport Radial Rear Tire Full Bore M-40 Adventure Sport Radial Rear Tire djsmiles - Des Moines, IA, USA Excellent on wet pavement "Before these I had Shinko tires and they were very good on dry pavement but in the few cases I had to ride on wet pavement I felt like the rear end was going to slide out from under me. These Full Bore M-40 Adventure Sport Radials handle excellently on wet pavement. The directional tread is perfect, it sheds water like tires should."
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Shift 2016 Faction Combo Shift 2016 Faction Combo Julieanne44 - Georgia Amazing! "I got this gear for my boyfriend for Christmas. He was completely surprised! The gear fit perfectly and the quality is just what he needs. The gear is just as vibrant as the pictures, which is fantastic. Also Motor Sport is amazing with their customer service. I received a phone call and an email starting that because I wanted the jersey personalized, I would not receive it until after Christmas. They were very apologetic due to being behind because of the long list of Christmas orders. They said they were going to just send the pants (overnight shipping free) and I understood and said thank you. Well 2 days before Christmas it came in, the whole set! They were able to make it work and get it to me in plenty of time. Thank you Motor Sport and all the employees. I definitely recommend this company to anyone because of the customer service and the great quality of their products. I will be a returning customer."
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