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Pro Wheel Rim & Spoke Combo Pro Wheel Rim & Spoke Combo John - Temecula, ca 5 out of 5 stars Best rims ever "Not sure what the other people are talking about with alleged problems with pro wheels. If the guy had a problem, then why keep buying them, unless he agrees that he has no idea how to maintain them. Seems obvious from the few negative posts. I have three race bikes with pro wheels. Never any issues. Also, team Babbitt's doesn't seem to have a problem with them (especially considering that they hold several championships......with pro wheels on the bikes). Finally, how many other wheel manufacturers have warranties on the wheels? None, except pro wheel, talk about standing behind their product if there was ever a manufacture defect."
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Pro Wheel Front Works Spoke Kit Pro Wheel Front Works Spoke Kit Melo - São Paulo, Brazil 3 out of 5 stars Gold is Gold! "The quality is good and aligns perfectly, but Gold is gold ... The color is not golden, it seems that are the normal bike so that old yellow and not gold. I put the black wheels on my new KTM but neither looks that are new. I think that the nips should be golden also, but they aren't, they are silver."
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