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Pro Wheel Rear Rim Pro Wheel Rear Rim bwh88 - Linden, MI 48451, USA Great buy but had to drill "Purchased the Pro Wheel rim and spokes and had to drill the rim for spoke nipples to fit. You would think Pro Wheel spokes would work perfectly with a Pro Wheel rim but that was not the case in my situation. Quick and easy fix but was a pain nevertheless. Laced up easy after that."
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Pro Wheel Rear Rim Pro Wheel Rear Rim B4himdude - Good rims "I have 3 kx500's and have pro wheels on two of them. I used my old spokes and had no problems getting the rims trued up. They look good and apparently are built well enough to handle the most torque that any dirt bike is going to put on em because they're holding up fine. The only issue I have with pro wheels is that they stopped offering green anodized rims. And that's just a sad thing that next time that will force me to use DNA, or WARP 9. But the loss of my business when it comes on a color they don't stock any longer is another manufactures gain. Otherwise ill stick with pro wheels. Oh well. Pictures is a pro wheel rear and a dna front rim. Because I must've bought the last green pro wheel rim for the rest and couldn't find a green front pro wheel anywhere."
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