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Pro Taper Contour Handlebars - Oversized 1-1/8 Pro Taper Contour Handlebars - Oversized 1-1/8 Nomad - Chicago, IL, USA Pro Taper Contour Handlebars "I recently installed this on my 2008 Suzuki DR650. The bar looks good and strong. I've only dropped the bike 3 times on soft muddy trails, so it didn't affect the bar at all. I expect it to survive drops that are much worse."
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Pro Taper Evo Handlebars - Oversize 1-1/8 Pro Taper Evo Handlebars - Oversize 1-1/8 Londy - Visalia, CA, USA Love Pro Taper!! "I love these bars! Cr high is my bend. they feel great! Super tough bar. I've had two hard crashes. one high side and one endo. my triple clamps got twisted up but these bars stayed true. I love the flex they provide off of those big landings. You can really feel it! Definitely will buy these again. You should too if you want some great bars. Run Pro Taper!!!"
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Pro Taper - Take Control

In 1991, Pro Taper introduced the 1-1/8-inch Taperwall handlebar and the industry hasn't been the same since. Others have followed but Pro Taper set the standard in which all other motorcycle handlebars are measured against. More than two decades later the 1-1/8 inch handlebar reigns supreme and Pro Taper's oversized line now includes the EVO and Contour.

Check out the features of these bars and you'll see why the EVO is the official bar of the Geico Honda Race Team and the Contour is a must-have on the race course by riders like Nate Adams, Levi Sherwood and Robbie Maddison.

Now don't think Pro Taper is simply a handlebar company. Since its inception, the Corona, CA based company expanded its product line to include chains, clutches, sprockets and grips, among other dirt bike accessories. Pro Taper also manufacturers the standard 7/8-inch handlebar made with the same quality as its 1-1/8-inch brothers.

MotoSport carries a large selection of Pro Taper products including footpegs, master links, brake cables and handle bar pads. Browse through our selection of Pro Taper products and you'll see why Pro Taper stands for unsurpassed quality and a perpetual commitment to excellence.

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