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Park Tool Steering Race Remover Park Tool Steering Race Remover Alec - Works well, but I would not say it is perfect "This did a good job at removing the races from my 08 RM250 and I had no issues with the process. I'm giving it four stars because if you look closely at the tool when it sits on the races, the prongs do not sit PERFECTLY or completely on the race. But really for the price it was a good deal. No complaints"
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Park Tool Steering Race Remover Park Tool Steering Race Remover Jeff - Merlin, OR, USA FREAKING AMAZING TOOL! "I have a 2005 YZ250 I'm building as a spare bike for friends and I found this tool online and decided to give it a try. After I ordered it I saw reviews about how it rounded corners, and failed to work etc... So I get the tool, and presto it bangs out the lower race of the YZ Steering stem like it's not even there. Then I go to do the top race and..... NOPE.... the lip on the bearing is so tiny thanks to the thick Aluminum Frame relief (gee thanks Yamaha) that the tool simply won't hold onto the race and pushes past every time... Until... I got an idea, and took a 27mm impact socket and gently tapped it into the tool to create pressure forcing the fingers to stay under the lip of the bearing race. One, two, three gentle taps on the bottom of the Park Tool Race Remover, and once again, presto! the race is out and I'm in business. I think this is one of the best tools I've discovered in a long time. It's so worth the money to save the headache of cutting, or beating the heck out of bearing races with chisels or screwdrivers. Get one, Yesterday!"
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