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EVS G6 Ballistic Jersey EVS G6 Ballistic Jersey Footy - Protection "Recenlty went back to 2 wheels from 4 wheels. Always wore a Chest/Roost protector, but felt I wanted a little more protection on knees and elbows. Shipping was quick. Tried it on and it just did not line up correctly for me. Shoulders were off a bit and Kidney belt was too tight. I am 6'2'' and 235lbs, a big guy - so that explains the belt. Bought the biggest size XXL and felt like I would be better off a size smaller only for pad positioning on shoulders and with out the belt. The finish and quality seemed good and I really cannot comment on durability as I never used it. In the end I sent it back and will buy elbow pads and not go with the upper body protector style jacket."
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Fox Racing 2017 Titan Sport Jacket Fox Racing 2017 Titan Sport Jacket msummars - Cleveland, TN, USA Spoiled Boyfriend "I personally dislike bikes with a passion burning within my soul comparable to the fire of a thousand suns, BUT my boyfriend rides and is incredibly spoiled, so he got this as a gift. No complaints from him thus far & it seems to be a great, protective product. Would definitely recommend to others! :)"
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