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Chrome Yalta Expandable Rolltop Backpack Chrome Yalta Expandable Rolltop Backpack Rbizzle - Beaverton, OR Awesome backpack "This backpack is the perfect size for everything i need to bring on my commutes to work. I can fit my lunch and gym clothes and a big water bottle with a little bit of room to spare still. When first getting it, it is pretty smashed down and folded up. I recommend stuffing it jam packed with clothes or something soft to stretch it out to full size and break it in a bit. The reflective panel is awesome too for that added extra visibility while riding at night."
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Thor 2016 Tech Backpack Thor 2016 Tech Backpack Ashman - It's pretty good "It's a decent back pack. Looks nice, feels really durable unfortunately not very deep. I planned on using it for school and also to ride with, I don't think I'll use it as a riding one unless I only have a couple small things to carry. But other than that, it's a very nice bag."
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