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Alpinestars 2016 Tech-7 Boots Alpinestars 2016 Tech-7 Boots Jwhite - Pittsburgh, PA, USA 5/5 stars "These boots are definitely worth the buy.. They fit great, comfortable as ever, and helps ride smoother and makes it more comfortable on the bike, shifting and braking.. I will ride these boots for as long as i continue to ride motocross. The sizing on the boots are dead on. They feel like a skate shoe, which if you know what them are like , then you know how much padding and comfortable they are. But they are not bulky or anything so dont sweat that. Def a must have boot for riding moto freestyle or trail.."
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RS Taichi Delta BOA Riding Shoes - RSS007 RS Taichi Delta BOA Riding Shoes - RSS007 Bukin - Springfield Well worth the price!!! "So far so good with these bad boys. I own a few pairs of riding shoes and so far this pair topped them. these are actually true to size along with being very comfortable I would give them a 10."
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