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Oakley Airbrake MX Lens Shield Kit Oakley Airbrake MX Lens Shield Kit Bryan - Indiana, USA A must have to protect those expensive lenses. "Impression: These are a must have to protect your expensive prizm lenses. I use these in combination with tear offs, and can't say I've had any issues with scratches. Installation: Installation is a bit tricky, but fairly forgiving. You have to get the tear off stubs on the lenses to line up with the holes on the shield kit. This can take several tries, but can be done with some patience. I placed the side without the tab on first and slowly applied the shield kit from one tear off post to the other. If the shield kit didn't quite line up you can just lift if back off and make an additional attempts. It probably took about 5 min to clean the lenses, and get the shield kit aligned properly."
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Oakley Crowbar Tear-Offs Oakley Crowbar Tear-Offs Michael - Does the job "Quick and easy. Does the job intended"
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