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Nuetech Nitro Mousse Nuetech Nitro Mousse 220OffRoadTours - Laughlin, NV 89029, USA Amazing Product "After 12 rides and 24 1/2 hours on it, my final concern for the Nitro was what kind of condition would it be in once I took the tire off? First, let me start by saying with the Michelin, I noticed a significant degrade in the form (shape) and overall stability of the Michelin Bib. it tends to take on the shape of the space that it has been in such as the rim and tire. So instead of staying fluffy and round, it tends to get an egged shape to it which then when putting it in a new tire doesn't fit snug as it did when new. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE WITH THE NITRO! (see pictures) This thing looks new! In fact, if you look closely you will still see the flap on it from the molding process. It is still in the same form (shape) as it was when I installed it. This is truly quite incredible when you consider I abused this thing in extreme heat, all types of terrain, including rocks, sand, and hard-pack gravel and even had multiple riding sessions where I was wide open on the throttle down power line roads in temps well over 90 and on a few occasions even in the low 100's on a few roads wide open at 70+ MPH. Not sure if NuTech has stock options, but if so, BUY IT! They go beyond the concept of eliminating flat tires and actually have a product that holds up and has a lifespan of more than one tire change. I'm not sure what the next tire change will look like yet, but I'll keep you posted SUMMARY: I'm Sold! Review Provided By 220-Off Road Tours"
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Nuetech Nitro Mousse Nuetech Nitro Mousse TJ812 - St George, UT, USA GREAT MOUSSE! "I have used mousses for years.. I saw an ad for the Nitromousse and decided to give it a try in January. have ridden on the same set all season racing and trail riding and absolutely love the feeling, especially in the corners. Coming up on Sept and just now getting another set, I would've been on my 4th set of my previous mousse by now. BEST VALUE PERIOD! Get them, you won't be disappointed."
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