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Shock Doctor Mouth Guard Gravity 2 STC Shock Doctor Mouth Guard Gravity 2 STC Dorsey132 - Monrovia, CA Shock Dorctor Lower Jaw Mouth Guard works good. "I purchased this mouth guard because originally I had purchased the Shock Doctor Gel Max however I found it difficult to breath using the upper guard and I think I shouldn't have boiled it twice, thinking I could get a better fit with a second fitting. The Gel Max seemed to be a bit hard and tight on my upper teeth and the discomfort made me avoid wearing it. So I decided to try the Gravity 2 STC which fits on your lower teeth and I've gotta say it works way better. So far I've used it like half a dozen times in a row and am becoming used to wearing it all the time. I bought the one with the leash attached to it so I could let it hang when I am spent (as I use it for both MX and BMX). I gave it four stars only because I wish there was an easy way to detach the guard from it's leash (not featured in this model) for cleaning, storage, etc. The Gravity 2 STC seems to be less bulky and allows my lower jaw to hang open while I ride when I need extra oxygen. It makes talking a bit awkward but that's to be expected. Overall I think this guard may be a little less protective than the upper teeth guard designs but it is a win/win for those needing some protection without obstructing your breathing. I like this guard a lot but I think boiling and fitting it once, right the first time helped in my case."
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