Motocross Hand Guards for Dirt Bikes

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Powermadd Star Series Handguards Combo Powermadd Star Series Handguards Combo Duane - Youngstown, OH, USA Powermadd Star Handguards "I have heard good things about these so I thought I would give them a try. It was a little confusing at first because there weren't any directions, but it is basically up to you for how and where you want to mount these. After some moving around of some controls on my bars I got them right where I wanted them. They seem sturdy and definitely protect my hands better."
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Acerbis Uniko MX Vented Handguards Acerbis Uniko MX Vented Handguards KRUSHER - Oregon, USA For the money these are pretty sweet "I can't say how durable these are as I have not had to test that part out yet. I don't think these will hold up in a hard hit but I'm hoping so, the mounts feel like a weak plastic, but who knows. I still gotta give these 4 stars because of how cheap they are and they will definitely serve there purpose of protecting my knuckles from getting beat up from branches. I really like the looks of these and they fit on my bike perfectly. I saw on another review someone said will ONLY work with stock perches but that is not true as I have a MSR perch and Lever ( which is garbage) and mine fit as it should. I'm sure he is correct in some after markets might be to big but not all. If your on a budget and want some hand protection I would recommend these, but if you want something to protect your $300 levers in a crash I would probably look at something else."
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