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Moose Straight Folding Ramp Moose Straight Folding Ramp ooot - Canby, OR 4 out of 5 stars Fairly Light "This ramp is fairly light, definitely better than using a board! The fact that it won't rust is a huge plus. It includes a short strap you can hook onto your rig so that the ramp doesn't fall down if your suspension moves while loading. Two cons: a little sketchy with a 500+ lb street bike, but it does it. Also, even though it hasn't happened yet, this thing seems like it will murder your fingers in the hinge if you aren't paying attention."
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Moose Straight Folding Ramp Moose Straight Folding Ramp simonpig - nyc 4 out of 5 stars Quality Solid Ramp - Not as light as advertised "So i just received the ramp and while it's really solid, basic and a great value, the advertised weight of 9.5 pounds is inaccurate - it's on the label plain and clear as well as on this site. More accurately, this 7' folding ramp is closer about 15 pounds which I find really misleading. Still deciding if I should keep it, but just so you know. It feels very solid and strong, but again, not sure if it's a deal breaker, but wish they would be more honest about the weight of thing Also, be ready to sand down some of the edges, they are sharp and will snag and tear fabric or scratch wood floors."
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