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The Metal Mulisha Championship Team

Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle started the Metal Mulisha Freestyle Motocross team in the late 1990s and quickly used their rebellious natures to separate themselves from the pack. What started as a bunch of friends trying to out-trick each other, Metal Mulisha's prominence in freestyle motocross is without question. Together, Deegan and Linkogle hold numerous jump records and X Games medals while constantly pushing the boundaries between a man and his ride.

With Deegan and Linkogle at the helm, the Metal Mulisha team expanded and now boasts an international team, a fight team, and 4-wheelers, among others. When members are not competing it's a sure bet each one of them is wearing Metal Mulisha clothing.

Metal Mulisha Casual Wear

Is there a better way to make a statement than with clothing? We think not. And how else to tell people you ride than with Metal Mulisha clothing? Deegan and Linkogle saw a clothing line potential in 1999 once kids started asking where to buy shirts and other stuff related to the name plastered all over their dirt bikes and equipment. The Metal Mulisha Freestyle Motocross team and its apparel line are now one of the most recognized brands in action sports.

MotoSport is pleased to offer an array of casual wear choices for the dirt bike rider from hard-charging in-your-face t-shirts and hats to rugged flannels and women's tops. If we won't wear it we won't sell it. Every day at MotoSport there's always at least one of us wearing the fashionable statement of Metal Mulisha. Check out our complete line of Metal Mulisha casual wear:

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