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Trail Tech Temperature Meter Radiator Hose Sensor Trail Tech Temperature Meter Radiator Hose Sensor - good gauge ..no light "works great easy to install ...no light"
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Trail Tech Stator Trail Tech Stator MountainManiac - Airway Heights, WA, USA Solved The Problem "I ordered this part and got free 3 day express shipping. I had been waiting for it and put it in immediately. I had been troubleshooting for weeks and narrowed it down to something electrical. I kicked it over a few times and BAM the bike started after weeks of frustration. This stator has connections for a light as well. I don't have the setup to do this yet but it is something that I would like to do when I get the funds. This stator also has a REALLY long set of wires. It has close to three feet of wire so you can make it to nearly any where on your bike. The connectors that it came with were not like mine so I had to snip them off. I figured once I did that it was mine? I am not sure what the return policy is in that case? It's an electrical part so usually if you do anything to it, it's yours to keep. I can't speak about how long they last but I hope it works for a LONG time :) My other stator was technically within spec as far as OHMS go so it was tough to figure out. I am glad I bought this product and it worked right out of the box and was super easy to install."
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