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Leatt 2016 Youth GPX 5.5 Helmet Leatt 2016 Youth GPX 5.5 Helmet TX248 - League City, TX Excellent Helmet!!! "Couldn't be happier with this helmet. My son had been wearing a cheaper entry level helmet and has now reached faster speeds so we wanted him in something safer and more comfortable. This is hands down the nicest kids helmet I've ever seen. It fits perfect with his neck brace and in the event he has a bad spill we like the impact absorption, break-away visor, and smaller overall dimensions of the helmet shell. Kids have way smaller necks than adults so anything we can do to reduce the force exerted on his little neck while still protecting his head is a no brainer. I ride the adult Leatt and like my son, have never been happier. Previously he wore Fly and I wore Shoei. Side note, these helmets breath better than anything we've ever worn too, living in the South that's a big deal as the temperature cranks up!"
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Leatt 2017 GPX 6.5 Helmet Leatt 2017 GPX 6.5 Helmet Hmx151 - "A little pricy but it's worth it, really comfortable and goes on and off easy. Looks real nice too"
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