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Mobius X8 Knee Braces Mobius X8 Knee Braces Londy - Visalia, CA, USA Don't waste your money on anything else. "These braces are amazing. They come with different size pads that velcro right in around the knee and on the back of the calve. The adjustability is so great with these. There are three straps plus the cable pad on the back of the knee. I was able to find a perfect fit for my legs after one ride. just one, two, three four they strap right on and do not budge. i wear knee sleeves plus riding socks. They dont irritate or rub in any wrong place. Ive worn these without knee sleeves and they are just as comfortable. They have a really comfortable profile all the way down to the shin. NO pressure points. I personally love how they are built around the knee and especially the inside of the knee. They are slim enough to grip that tank with your legs and pin it. The movement feels very natural. I instantly felt more confident on my 450 with these on. Im 6'0 ft 165 pounds. So this 2015 Kx 450 is a wild ride for me. These braces improved my riding and confidence on the bike. I can hang on with my legs with zero interference from these braces. I love the dial system and how well they fit your leg. I have had one big endo with these braces. I went over the bars bounced and rolled over the ground pretty violently. These braces held up perfect. Not a strain or bruise on my legs or in my muscles around my knee. They seem very durable so far. The construction is top notch. The mobius brace is an amazing product. One of the best purchases I have ever made. This is the best knee protection out there for a VERY reasonable price. Do NOT waste your money on anything else. 5 stars."
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EVS RS9 Pro Knee Braces EVS RS9 Pro Knee Braces Andrew - Kansas City, KS, USA Too bulky and hard to pull pants over them "These are great knee braces. Very comfortable. One problem is that they are too bulky. Carbor fiber pieces are large and hard to fit pants over them."
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