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Mobius X8 Knee Braces Mobius X8 Knee Braces CountDracula - Best knee braces "Had the pods and they were okay but the pads would always fall out, the broke and they would also slide down and move around a lot while riding. The mobius braces seemed to be the fix to all those issues, they are very comfortable and dont move around like other braces, it was super easy to get used to them. In my opinion they are best braces out there."
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Alpinestars 2016 Fluid Pro Knee Braces Alpinestars 2016 Fluid Pro Knee Braces mattb - pdx Good braces "Bought these to replace an older Asterisk cell set. They are lighter and narrower than the asterisk. The Alpinestars are much more customizable than the asterisk. From the rep, the carbon is the set to go with for people with previous surgery. Having blown out a knee before I wanted something to support but not be as bulky as the Asterisk were. I didnt want the full blown carbon and these seemed like a great option and great price point! Reading the previous review, I would always suggest to use a full length knee brace sock. The sleeves never work and cause any brace to slide around. These will take a while to fit to you. They have optional shims, different length pieces and inserts for stop adjustments. The first ride out, one side dug into the side of my knee where it was not comfortable. Came back in and swapped out a few piece and the discomfort was gone! They stayed put with the full length knee brace socks and were more comfortable than the older Asterisks. Also they are much less bulky. bottom line, these do take some time to adjust to you. Once you take the time to adjust/swap and tune them, they work great!"
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