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EVS RS9 Knee Braces EVS RS9 Knee Braces Rowdy - Kirkland, WA, USA 5 out of 5 stars Good starter knee brace "I'm 5 10 and 200 lbs and don't have huge legs so I initially purchased a medium....I ended up getting a large. These are a great option if you are not willing to fork over 200.00+ per brace. I like the knee stop adjustments that allow you to limit the amount of flex in the knee. I ride track so I stand a lot so I used the 15 degree setting and it's perfect. These feel a little bulky when you put them on however once on the trail/track you wont even know they are there...until you need them. I recommend getting either a leg sleeve or buy something that will be between your leg and these braces to prevent any discomfort. I purchased the EVS leg sleeves with the built in sox and they work perfect. These do not slide down while riding and I feel very protected once I get them set on my leg correctly. I did have to adjust the top 2 buckles on the boots to accommodate the shin guards, but once that was dialed in I was good to go. I recommend these to beginner to intermediate riders, but if you are one of those triple jumpers I would think that a more durable brace would be needed. From what I understand separate parts are not available for these braces so if something breaks I think you would need to improvise or buy a whole new brace. All in all I am very satisfied with these. I have taken a fall in them and I jumped right back up."
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Fox Racing 2016 Titan Race Knee / Shin Guards Fox Racing 2016 Titan Race Knee / Shin Guards LancelotChan - Hong Kong 5 out of 5 stars The knee and shin guards work good! "It's easy to put on, fit well, and coverage is plenty. I have no problem walking around with it. This is a good knee and shin guard."
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