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Klim 2016 Mojave ITB Pants Klim 2016 Mojave ITB Pants Wakes235 - Charlottesville, VA, USA NIce pants breath well "I bought these for hot weather… I haven't had a chance to ride in anything above 70 but they seem to breath well on the cold rides I've taken! Fit is good… wish I had ordered a little smaller as the waist is adjustable and these are a little baggy for me, but thats my fault for ordering to big."
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Klim 2017 Revolt Pullover Klim 2017 Revolt Pullover farmercoby - Boise, ID, USA Great Pull Over "I use my revolt pull over as an additional layer for bad weather. It is nice light weight layer that is easily packed."
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KLIM on Up!

You've reached the top when it comes to the best gear for the most demanding riders. KLIM (pronounced climb) is an authority in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel. Marrying moisture management, technical patterning, fabrics and ergonomic ventilation Klim provides comfort, fit, mobility and protection.

Technology is key to the Rigby, Idaho based outfit as KLIM pushes its way to the top when it comes to waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials. Klim protects you from below 0 conditions and keeps you cool and vented in 100 degree sun.

Variety of Gear

KLIM strives to improve your riding experience without compromise and with MotoSport's collection of KLIM gear you can accomplish that feat. We have pants, helmets, helmet bags, socks, elbow pads, knee pads and back pads - everything you need to ride with safety and comfort. KLIM prides itself for its understanding of riders' needs and is constantly addressing them and renovating their product based on feedback and input from test pilots and you the customer.

KLIM and Polaris Merge

Expect more great things from KLIM now that is owned by the off-roading industry titan Polaris which boasts a line of sport, utility and all-terrain vehicles, and motorcycles. KLIM will remain an independent business entity and remain focused on developing their technology based, premium quality gear.

As always MotoSport will sell only the finest parts, garments and accessories in the motorcycle and off-roading industry. If we don't wear it, ride it or use it we won't bother selling it. MotoSport.com is a prominent face in the off-roading industry and we are always on the lookout for new products and industry top sellers. Check back often to see what we've found.

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