IMS Dirt Bike Fuel System

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IMS Vented Gas Cap IMS Vented Gas Cap DareDevil - Houston, TX, USA this is the best purchase you can make "i think this is the best thing to buy or just the website period is the best place to go, because all the shops and dealerships around me want to charge a arm and a leg for little stuff. and on Motorsports everything is for sale at a reasonable price, and I love it!!!!!!!!!"
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IMS Gas Tank IMS Gas Tank Jack - Phoenix, AZ, USA Great tank, easy install "Bought this tank for my 2012 CRF450X, really easy install, took 30 minutes. Run your tank as empty as possible so you don't have to mess around with draining the old tank because you need to reuse your shut off and hoses again. Happy to have the extra capacity for desert rides. I can not feel the extra gas weight at all. Would highly recommend the purchase."
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