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OGIO Baja 70 Pack OGIO Baja 70 Pack CRUnlimited - Costa Rica Nice appearance, but not good for tools "This hydration pack is very good if you don't carry tons of tools. There is no compartments inside to make the tools stay straight. They keep falling to the bottom which can get pretty annoying. There is a nice small pocket for your phone that you can reach even with the bag on (if your arms are log enough). the bungie rope keeps it things and does not let it get all baggy. There is a few diferente pockets for different things. It took us a while to figure out how to open and close the water bag, and also to figure out how to make the water come out of the small tube. But it all made sense at the end. Good hydropack but not if you carry lots of tool. Have used it about 5 times now. No signs of any problems yet."
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Fly Stingray Hydro Pack Fly Stingray Hydro Pack crf36atc - Great all around pack "One of the best packs I've seen for carrying tools, cameras, spare socks and gloves. Loads of compartments and straps to hold wrenches and tools. Not quite Camelbak quality, but still seems to be built pretty well. Only reasons I didn't give 5 star are for the small filler hole and I don't much care for the mouth piece (compared to Camelbak). Still a great pack for the price."
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