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Vortex CAT5 Rear Sprocket Vortex CAT5 Rear Sprocket - Central, VA, USA Surprise! "I was thrilled to discover that the Vortex Sprocket was literally HALF the weight of my old steel sprocket. Previous sprocket weighed 3.02lbs. Vortex sprocket was 1.56lbs... Direct fit, no issues with the install. Put a new chain on as well, I've put 400+miles on the set-up. No issues! With the variety of oddball sizes, I think I'll be using vortex again!"
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Renthal 520 R3 O-Ring Chain Renthal 520 R3 O-Ring Chain Trx450r - Worcester Renthal chains "I've ran renthal chains on my bike and quads and they are very durable and made with great quality. Comes in gold which matches the bike perfectly. Definitely sticking with renthal"
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