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Outdoor Tech Adapt - Bluetooth Adaptor Outdoor Tech Adapt - Bluetooth Adaptor Waterproof - Coalville, UT 84017, USA Wireless on my Moto Helmet! "I love listening to music while riding my ATV. I bought a cheap pair of Moto helmet compatible headphones that Velcro to the inside of the helmet. They work great but the cord going from the helmet to my pocket was always getting caught on things and was annoying when we stop and I take my helmet off. This ADAPT is exactly what I've been needing! I'm now cordless (I tucked pretty much all of the cord under the pads in the helmet) and have an easy access remote on the side of my head! The battery life is awesome as well. Cons: If wearing on the left side of the head the micro USB port is pointed in front of you, which means a whole lot of dirt is going to collect inside there, and the skip forward/back buttons are reversed and not intuitive. Skip forward is pointing behind you, and Skip backward is pointing in front of you. You are supposed to be able to use Siri on the iPhone, but I can't figure out how. The instructions weren't very good on that one. The Play/Pause button is recessed in the middle which is just fine with thin gloves or no gloves, but is almost impossible to find and operate if wearing winter gloves. The volume goes down to a certain level of lowness before the music gets paused on the next volume down push. This is incredibly annoying to me because I like to hear my music and still be able to hear other people talk, so I wish the volume would go quieter instead of shutting off. Over all this is an amazing product that I would definitely buy again! (sorry for the low quality photo. I had to zoom in a lot to show the ADAPT on the helmet.)"
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Shoei CWR-1 Pinlock Shield Shoei CWR-1 Pinlock Shield WildBill - NH "Fast shipping and great product as always."
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