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Trail Tech LED Helmet Light Kit Trail Tech LED Helmet Light Kit MotoNerd - Seattle, WA Wow. Just wow. 5-stars hand down "This is the first review I have ever written, because I'm that impressed. I bought 2 of these because I was a skeptic. I wanted to be in the pitch black woods and have daylight. WOW. I was wrong, you only need 1. 2 is almost uncomfortable for your buddies to look at you to talk to. Absolutely zero regrets. Not only would I recommend these to my friends, they sell them selves. Let 3 buddies borrow 1 of these lights over the course of some different rides last summer and every one of them bought one within a week of using mine. Hands down, best light I have ever had....Even when compared to the $400 ones. I WILL be buying these again if I break one. Absolutely unreal. BTW: they're 4,800 lumens each, about the same as 1 of my 6000K HID headlights in my car...yea, these are BRIGHT AS H***. and the battery pack LASTS!!! 2 rides, no charging yet and no intention until maybe after another ride."
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