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N-Style 2015 Impact Graphics Only - Suzuki N-Style 2015 Impact Graphics Only - Suzuki Bill - California, USA Great "This product was great it did not chip or peel off even after i dropped it on card pact clay. I would give this a 10/10."
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GYTR Am-Pro Graphic Kit GYTR Am-Pro Graphic Kit Johnny - Noblesville, IN, USA Best fitting decals ever "this decal kit has been getting hated on pretty harshly, and i'm not gonna lie, i was skeptical about getting them bc of it. after purchasing them and applying them to my bike, i quickly learned that my skepticism was guided by morons. not only is this THE BEST FITTING kit i've ever put onto a bike (the holes just never seem to line up as they should, these were perfect as was all the trim), i had ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES WITH PEELING!! and they LOOK GREAT!! here is my secret since apparently nobody knows how to put on a decal kit. 1) clean the plastic with contact cleaner and clean rag 2) wash your hands 3) peel back off decal 4) spray sticky side of decal with (soapy) water 5) apply decal and slide around to desired position 6) use a blow dryer and your hands (it gets hot) to firmly place decal. make sure to push out all water from underneath decal. the blow dryer will heat the adhesive while also making the decal very pliable so that you can make it fit all curves as they should. when the heated adhesive cools, it's as strong as ever."
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