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Fly 2017 Kinetic Combo - Relapse Fly 2017 Kinetic Combo - Relapse JHawk - Memphis, TN, USA No Better Gear! "Since Racing FLY Gear, my comfort level has really grown. However; the Fly 2017 Kinetic Combo - Relapse gear is in a league of it's own. Comfort level has went above and beyond as well as the fit and how well the gear breathes was over the top making my time on the track such a pleasure to be able to concentrate on my positioning and posture with the confront and pleasure to wear the new FLY Kinetic Jersey and Pants. Since, I have bought several gear sets and will continue to buy. I am a FLY customer from this point own."
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Fly 2017 F-16 Combo Fly 2017 F-16 Combo Mickey - PA For the ladies . . . "For any women who crossover into men's gear - here's my thoughts: The fit is a bit looser than some of the other fly gear (I'm 5'6, 140 lb, usually wear women's medium and size 5/6 mx pants). In this pic I'm wearing men's small jersey and 32" pants. You can see they're a little baggy. I got a great deal, so I'm not going to complain about quality. We usually have kids with us and aren't exactly tearing it up right now, so they are holding up fine. To compare to the women's fly otb pants, I must say I miss the pockets (these have none) and the zippered vents, which are fantastic for air flow (since we aren't going fast teaching little ones). Overall I'm very happy with the purchase, and love the service from Motosport!"
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