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Fly 2016 Kinetic Pants - Trifecta Fly 2016 Kinetic Pants - Trifecta Timbo - Seguin, Texas 5 out of 5 stars Seriously gnarly mx pants "First of all no where , anywhere does it say that you get detachable hip pads. BONUS! Second , these are some serious stout mx pants. I mean the material is thick, all of the seams seam to be triple stitched and the whole pant is very,well constructed . They fit really well and the overall quality of the craftsmanship is commendable. I cannot believe these pants cost so little for what they deliver. I love the leather heat shields and the emblems that add control grip to my inner calves. The graphics are outstanding and the fly and belt system is top notch. I cannot rave about these pants enough. The best bang for you buck I ever spent. I am going to buy them again, but not anytime soon, because they are built to last. I approve 100%."
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Fly 2016 Kinetic Jersey - Trifecta Fly 2016 Kinetic Jersey - Trifecta Timbo - Seguin, Texas 5 out of 5 stars Excellent customization from MotoSport. "I love my custom logo'd Fly Kinetic Trifecta Jersey. When I first received it I thought that my name and number was a little bit crooked, but after close examination , it turns out that it was the Fly logo above the MotoSport printing that was just a little off and the name and number that was put on was perfectly placed. I could not be happier with the result. Great custom work MotoSport. I love my custom jersey. You guys RAWK! By the way, the Fly Kinetic Trifecta is an excellent jersey. Long enough to tuck in and just loose enough to put protective gear underneath. The mesh really breaths and stays cool.The graphics are awesome. Thank you Fly and MotoSport. You both just gained a customer for life."
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