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FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe MileHiMike - Denver Great Service "I purchased this exhaust to replace a damaged ProCircuit pipe that was on the bike when I bought it. To be honest, the mounts for the FMF Gnarly didn't line up with my 1999 CR500AF, because it has a non stock, CR250 Aluminimum Frame. I called Motosports to discuss the issue and they were very knowledgable and willing to help. Turned out that I simply removed the mount on the FMF Gnaly, and the pipe fit really well without it. My point here is that the guy at Motosport was very helpful and willing to help, even though I didn't need it. Thanks for your help and service Motosport."
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FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe Lucky - Gnarly pipe "Best pipe I've ever used and I race so I fully recommend this pipe!"
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When it's time for more power.

So you've decided that your bike's stock exhaust just isn't cutting it any more, and if you're anything like us, that happens even before you start it for the first time. Let's face it, stock dirt bike exhaust systems are usually pretty ugly and far too quiet to hear your bike's motor screaming through the gears. But the advantages of an aftermarket dirt bike exhaust don't stop there. Replacing your stock exhaust with one of the many that we carry can shave a surprising amount of weight while increasing power and the straight-through design of a tuned exhaust lets you hear your dirt bike motor the way it was meant to be heard. But where do you start? Our selection can be overwhelming, with over 200 different dirt bike exhaust systems to choose from. But don't worry, MotoSport is here to help.

The first choice you have to make here is between a full dirt bike exhaust or a slip-on. A slip-on will generally net you about a 4-5hp increase over stock, where a full system that replaces all the exhaust components from the motor back will get you 10-20 additional horsepower, but cost you a bit more. Both choices will also shave off quite a bit of weight. A slip-on exhaust generally saves about 20lb, where a full motorcycle exhaust will shave 40-50 pounds off the total weight of your dirt bike.

Two or Four stroke? MotoSport has what you need.

So now that you know what sort of dirt bike pipe you're going for, let's look at the 4 stroke exhaust selections. There are quite a few, but only a few leaders in the industry. FMF has been around for 30 years, and has been a huge part of the dirt bike world for most of it's existence. They make pipes for just about any dirt bike you can think of, and just about any material you could want as well. From the most basic steel/aluminum FMF Powercore 4 Complete Exhaust for under two-hundred dollars all the way up to the FMF Factory 4.1 Titanium Slip-On RCT With Titanium Megabomb Header that's just about as tech as you can get, but runs between 800-900 dollars. But you get what you pay for, being that it was the number 1 exhaust in just about every race series in 2011.

Next up is Pro Circuit, founded by desert racer Mitch Payton in 1978, has made a name for themselves by doing all their development and testing in-house and with their race team to provide the absolute best performance possible. From their lowest-priced, yet still beautifully hand-made Pro Circuit Type 496 complete exhaust to the drop-dead gorgeous titanium and carbon fiber Pro Circuit Ti-5 exhausts with dual mufflers, they're a company that takes performance very seriously.

Do you ride a 2-stroke dirt bike? Both companies also make a range of 2 stroke pipes for dirt bikes with the same attention to detail and performance that you'd expect from the industry leaders. Check out the FMF Fatty Pipe or the Pro Circuit Works Pipe to see what we mean. GYTR and FMF also teamed up to make a beautiful set of race pipes and silencers just for Yamaha dirt bikes.

It all ends up being personal preference and there are many more brands to look through. Put your dirt bike's year and model in our Ride Selector and check out all the dirt bike exhaust systems that fit yours!

For more information check out our 2-stroke exhaust guide and our 4-stroke exhaust guide.