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EVS Comp Suit EVS Comp Suit MadtownCRF - 4 out of 5 stars Tight fit, light weight, works well with R4. "I ordered this suit because it has the hard plastic on the chest and i wanted to wear protection under my jersey that would be compatible with the R4 neck guard. Its a tight fit based on sizing chart. Its very light weight. Once the throttle is twisted i dont even notice im wearing it. I do wish the rib coverage was a little larger but its still great coverage for impact and roost. The forearm section is very small fitting. I ordered size Large and i am 5'11 160lbs. The forearm straps were way... to tight even on the furthest out placement. So i just reversed the straps on to themselves so they are out of the way. The elbow and forearm protection still stay in place for me without them. The shoulder straps come loose very easy when riding if you are thinner and need them pulled a little forward. So i tied a knot in them at the place i like them pulled to and this keeps them from coming loose on me while riding. The kidney belt and zipper both work great and neither come loose. I gave this suit 4s on all ratings. I am very satisfied for the price. Good protection, light weight, and works good with my R4 neck guard."
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EVS Vex Chest Protector EVS Vex Chest Protector peter - New York, NY, USA 3 out of 5 stars Size is way off and feels cheap "The largest size wouldn't fit anyone over 5'7". I'm 6 ft tall and it looked like i was wearing a little kids roost guard.....total waste of money. the bolts are impossible to remove for adjustment, so they strip out and makes a return impossible ...the whole thing felt like it was going to fall apart."
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